Monday, June 29, 2009

Our crazy life!!!

Cool new shades!

Summer is such a crazy, busy time. We have not been home and not doing something long enough to write. Carson is now 9mo old! He is growing so fast i cant stand it. He is so much fun. We went to his check up and he is now 21 LBS. He is 25% for heigth, 75% Weight, and the best his head is 95%!! His doctor said he almost has a adult size head.

Monte has decided that he wants to take up the game of golf. He got a set of clubs for fathers day and has been a ton. He really enjoys it, so thats what matters. I went with him to the driving range and it really is quite fun.

We are enjoying our house so much. its really hard to actually leave. i am content staying home and thats not like me. we still have so much to do. im am wanting to put in flowerbeds so bad but we have to get our lot leveled. monte and my dad are going to do it, however i cant be demanding, they did just build me a house so i will just wait my turn and enjoy what i have!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

It was a very busy, but good weekend. Monte sister Sami and her family came and stayed at our house. On Friday Monte and Brian when Golfing. Monte has been wanted to go golfing forever (thanks Brian)! Then on Saturday we went to Death Valley camping with most of Monte family.It was good to see them, we haven't in awhile. It was a really busy weekend but non eventful. Carson loved to be up in the mountains, due to the fact he loves to be outside. Monte pushed him around in the stroller to get him to sleep and he was asleep forever.
On another note, i took Carson to the lady that watches him and he loves it. she has a little boy that is 3months younger then Carson, and they are the best of buds. they get so excited to see each other. i really like to take him there. He goes, no problem!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Random Blog thoughts

Hill, Cass, Carson, and I went to see Jen and her family this last weekend! It was lots of fun. We played at the park, it was beautiful down there. We celebrated Jenns birthday on Saturday and mine on sunday. For my birthday Chad offered to keep the older kids and let us go shopping! We had so much fun. Jen took us to dinner, my choice (Olive Garden, yum yum!) Thanks Jen!! It was a great weekend. Monte was on graves so he missed out on the fun.
hope everyone has a great memorial day!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Poor Carson

What a week!! Carson has been sick. It all started on Sunday night with a little fever. i just blamed it on teething and gave him Motrin and put him to bed. Then on Monday he slept literally ALL DAY. He didnt even want to wake up to eat. I had to work so Hill watched him. I went to pick him up and rubbed his head ( i always do) and his soft spot was swollen up. i came home and called my doctor and told her everything and she told us we needed to take him in. so we headed out and skipped Evanston and when to SLC. After out 3 1/2 hour wait in the ER, we got in. And like always when you get to the doctor his fever had broke,the lump was gone, and he was laughing. so i told her the story and she said that she would suggest blood work and some test. she was worried about meningitis, which was what my doctor said also. So we ended up with checking for a UTI, blood work, and worst a spinal tap. it was possibly and worst and longest night of out life. After all that they didnt find anything and so they gave him some antibiotics and sent us home. We got home at 8 Am and put carson to bed. I woke him up at 2 to eat. they were not looking good again, fever,sleepy,swollen soft spot. It all started again. i just was going to wait and see what he did when he started to throw up. it was AWFUL!!! so i called the doctor and we when in. Needless to say she thinks its just a stomach virus. We just have to wait it out. she also said that it spreads easy so we hope that the whole family wont get it. our poor couch, carpet, and me have all gotten a taste of our life of sick kids to come. im so glad that was all that it ended up being. needless to say a very long week.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Im movin in!

Just a quick house update..... WE MOVE IN THIS WEEK!!!!! i cant hardly wait. there is still lots of cleaning aka DUST! i dont think that i will even find the bottom of it. i have been over there everyday cleaning and i go back and have to clean the same spot again due to more dust, kinda expected i think. Carson has been such a little trooper throughout this this whole house building process. He just rolls around on the floor while i clean clean clean. we are going down on friday get the last few, i take that back the last lot of things that we need. like the HUGE Tv that monte think that he need. it will be like you are at the movie theater in our living room. the Tv is large for that room. however i think that i cant agrue with him about it this is the one thing that he really wanted and him and my dad have put many many hours in. ill let ya know how it is to be in my new house later this week!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Grandpa's poop incounter

A few days ago a friend invited me to go on a walk with her, so my mother watched Carson. i told her that i wouldn't be to long but we went and walked through my new house and i was gone longer then i expected. i hurried home and i was not surprised to see that grandpa ( my dad) was holding Carson. After being home for about 15 min, my dad kept saying that Carson's back was wet. We told him that he was not wet and kept watching TV. then..... my dad held Carson up and i could see the little brown showing through his Pj's. for all of you that know my dad he freaked. it was so funny. he washed his hand and sanitized them i don't know how many time. it was so funny to watch. needless to say right after Carson had a bath (it was that bad) he was right back playing with Grandpa.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Schofield Family Easter Dinner

Carson and I went to the Schofield Family Easter Dinner (monte family) today. Monte is on graves so he couldnt go, but that didnt stop Carson and I. Carson got to meet his cousin Daxton (monte sisters baby). It really made me realize how fast Carson has grown. It made me really sad. Carson had his 1st Easter egg hunt, he really didnt care or know what was going on but he liked to eat the plastic egg. It was a fun day!