Monday, June 29, 2009

Our crazy life!!!

Cool new shades!

Summer is such a crazy, busy time. We have not been home and not doing something long enough to write. Carson is now 9mo old! He is growing so fast i cant stand it. He is so much fun. We went to his check up and he is now 21 LBS. He is 25% for heigth, 75% Weight, and the best his head is 95%!! His doctor said he almost has a adult size head.

Monte has decided that he wants to take up the game of golf. He got a set of clubs for fathers day and has been a ton. He really enjoys it, so thats what matters. I went with him to the driving range and it really is quite fun.

We are enjoying our house so much. its really hard to actually leave. i am content staying home and thats not like me. we still have so much to do. im am wanting to put in flowerbeds so bad but we have to get our lot leveled. monte and my dad are going to do it, however i cant be demanding, they did just build me a house so i will just wait my turn and enjoy what i have!

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